We are offering an affiliate program open to all of our blanks and wholesale customers that will help you SAVE BIG!

We appreciate all of you so much for constantly sharing us in approved groups, to fellow business owners, and family/friends! This is our way of giving back so you can increase your profit margins on a larger scale!

You will receive a 10% store discount SHARE code that you will be allowed to give out to others to use on their purchases. When they purchase, a percentage of that sale goes directly to you in the form of store credit! How awesome is that?!

You can let the money accrue until you want to you use it for a purchase. You choose the amount you payout at a time. If you have $53.62 you can pay it all out (will be sent to your email in the form of a LasKe store discount coupon) or you can chose to only use $20 of it. Whichever you prefer.

This is LasKe spending money YOU EARN FOR FREE just for promoting our business wherever applicable! By earning this free money, you can significantly cut costs and increase your overall profit margins which is always a huge win!